2017 was the best burn ever:
Super challenging, hot and amazing!

There was so much magic in the dust,
and so many things that in the storm I lost…

Endless days and good times on the playa,
Nothing compares to those nights on fire!

Burning Man is always a festival like no other,
a transformational experience for us to discover.

If you don’t believe it just look at my dog bike:
it transformed into a beautiful unicorn thanks to the magic of a beautiful fairy.
Can’t wait for next year already!!!

So Much Gratitude to all the camps who let me be part of their playa magic this year:
Duck Pond, CC Unis, Dirty Beetles, Nightchaser, The Giantcockcar, Mystical Misfits, Barnacle/ScutterCamp, Dashi and Burning Man Radio: BMIR.
Special Shout out to JBrave for providing the song of the playa this year.

See you in 2018!

❤ Loboman )'(


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