Loboman & iPunx present: “sgts. BeatMash” – Live @ The Fest for Beatles Fans 2014

sgts beat mash at the fest 2014

I’m very excited about a new collaboration with my friend iPunx on a new music project!

We’re forming a new DJ Duo called “sgts. BeatMash” and we will be playing a bunch of Beatles classics, mashups, remixes and all kinds of FabBour tracks in order to make you dance like the beatlemania which started 50 years ago.

Our grand debut will take place at The Fest for Beatles Fans in Los Angeles on October 10th during the Yellow Submarine opening ceremony, 7-9PM.
The Fest is taking place at the LAX Marriot during the weened of October 10th-12th.

Concert + 60’s dress up party to follow!

Get your tickets at http://www.thefest.com
Use discount code yeahyeahyeah to get 20% off!

Artists Info:

All you need is love!


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